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The designs I did for @skadigram are now available! Pick one up this summer on Warped Tour.
Thrifting scores from the Rose Bowl Flea today! A wood dresser, vintage hot plate serving cart, & a framed R Hendrickson nude.
Wrapped up a super fun shoot for @cameronshiflet’s solo project! 🍍🌴 Just a reminder to all bands that this month is your last chance to book a shoot & get 20% off. Jump on it!
Moving is a nightmare when you’re a collector/hoarder. πŸ’€
Wedding crafting spree! Can’t believe I’m getting married in 60 days… πŸŒšπŸ’’
And I’m proud to be an Ameridog. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸΆ #frankietherottie

aurorasandmoonlight asked: Hi!! I've noticed you do tattoo designs and I was wondering if I could get more info about it? How much do you charge for designs and what are you willing to do? I love your artwork!!

Anyone interested in tattoo designs can email me at corinne@stuckwithpins.com!

Anonymous asked: Your tattoo designs are lovely!

Thank you! :)

So excited about this sternum tattoo design I just finished for a client! One of my all-time favorites! πŸ’•
Note: Please respect my art & my clients by not stealing any of my designs for your own use.
Found this bone in the backyard of our new house. Any ideas what it could belong to? I’m fairly certain it’s a proximal phalange. It’s almost as wide as my big toe. Hoping my fellow bone people can help me out!
Thanks to my girl @daniroxanne for hooking me up with some @trlymadlydeeply threads! #trulymadlydeeply #uoonyou
Finishing up lots of fun tattoo designs this week for awesome clients! 🐝
Note: Please respect my art & my clients by not stealing any of my designs for your own use.
Bone white. 🐚
Creepy taxidermy turtle just saying’ heyyy.

victoriaelenaswan asked: How did you get those amazing rainbow lights in your Friday 13 photo? If it's a secret, no worries. I love it! Great photo. :)

It’s a texture I created by photographing through aΒ swarovski crystal ornament. I then overlay that image in post.