Werk daze 💭
Finally treated myself to this lovely little bat print from #emilywmartin (#theblackapple). 🌚💕
Can’t believe I’ll finally be marrying this guy in 2 weeks. This photo was taken 6 years ago. Time flies when you’re in love. 💕 #shamelesspda
I got tired of staring at the empty bookcase in our bedroom & finally set my curios free from storage. 💀
Wedding planning reminders. Only 18 more days. 😓 Using this new white gel pen feels therapeutic though.
Geared up & headed out to @hrhpalmsprings for Party in the Desert. See you there @societyc3! #pitd2014 #allblacksummer
Obsessed with this #farrowandball wallpaper. I just order their free sample sheets so I an stare at it & put things on it. Maybe one day I’ll cover a wall.
Got this wonderful little 80s bone book in the mail from an old friend. 💀🌿 thanks @lalalavine!
A quick typographic memorial to a fallen star of my childhood. Quote by Robin Williams, handdrawn type by me, photo by Sean Hagwell
Almost finished our wedding backdrop! Checking projects off our to-do list left & right. Only 28 days left! 🌲
It’s a good mail day when you open up a big box of antlers. 💕
30 measly days left til I’m stuck with this guy forever. #goodthinghesababe #ohandfunny #pda
Finished the headpiece! Can’t wait to shoot with this on Friday. 🍂 @alexandrasweiss you’re gonna rock it!
Breakfast of champions. 💙 Thanks for the waffle maker @batluvr11!
Floral antler headpiece in the works for a music video I’m directing. 🌸