More finds from yesterday’s estate sale rummage. Snagged a big box full of old chemistry glass (even more not pictured). ✨

Just a fraction of our estate sale loot. It’s been a good day. All of this for $18 & I found a perfect frame for my #theblackapple print!

Everything’s better spraypainted gold. 🎃 Glammed out some $1 pumpkins.

So in love with this William Morris inspired garter snake tattoo design I just finished for a client! 🐍 💕 Can’t wait to see this one on skin.

All day every day. #totallystaged #idontactuallydrinkcoffee

Sketch sketch sketch. ✏️ Currently accepting new tattoo design commissions. Email me!

These are Dave’s & my newest collection obsession. Got a nice little family of vintage Fiestaware started. #thrifttogethersticktogether