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Morning creeps in.


Jim Phillips, 59, has been hunting shed antlers Montana public lands for the past 50 years. This Three Forks native’s phenomenal shed antler collection comprises some 14,500 sheds displayed from floor to ceilingβ€”inside a 30 x 64-foot building he constructed specifically for its display. And, yes, he personally found every one.


But first, let me take a skullfie. πŸ’€
I don’t like to busy brag, but if it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the planet, here’s why. #seeyanever
Still pretty smitten with this little guy & proud of my first adventures in taxidermy. I want to try working with a rabbit next. πŸπŸ‡
My first taxidermy pieces! @preciouscreature sent me home with an extra mouse after the class to get more practice. I’m pretty happy with how this little guy turned out! 🐁 I realize not all of my followers are familiar with taxidermy, so I want to mention that none of these animals were harmed for the purpose of these pieces. They were feeder rats & mice already dead for reptile food. Lauren & many other taxidermists perform taxidermy with the utmost respect to nature & strive to honor these animals’ lives by giving them new ones. If nothing else, it’s a huge learning experience & eye opening to how incredible nature is! πŸ€
Finally got to meet @preciouscreature! Thanks for an awesome class! Super happy with how my little ratty turned out. πŸπŸ€
Taxidermied my very first rat today. πŸ€
Drawing peonies for a new client tattoo. 🌸
πŸ’€Goodbye world.
Setting up two new curio shelf displays. Never ending collection… 🌚
Relics from my childhood. The strange, contextless things I kept in jewelry box when I was a kid.
Yey! Got my charcoal drawing of a raccoon skull on a pillow. πŸ’€ This & tons more goodies are available in my Society6 store! & right now there’s free shipping + $5 off every item. Get it! society6.com/corinnealexandra
Give me a home where the buffalo roam. πŸƒπŸŒΎ
Sorry nail art haters. But I’m pretty proud I managed to finish painting my nails without messing them up once. πŸ’…πŸ’€