Tastes good to be home. 🍔🍟
Visited the incredible collection of anatomical wax models from the 17th & 18th century at La Specola. #selfie #nomakeup
Taxidermy heaven! Went to the most incredible zoological collection in Firenze today. So many beautiful old specimen. They even had a preserved thylacine! (at Museo la specola Firenze)
Throwback Saturday. Happy 1 week. #annoyingmarriedcouple
Saw the statue of David today, but I thought this was cooler. #skulltourist  (at Galleria Dell’ Accademia)
Our last gelato in Venice last night. 🍦 Next up: Firenze!
The view from our bedroom window. There was a huge thunderstorm last night & it was incredible. (at The Westin Europa & Regina, Venice)
We made it safe to Italy! Just popping in on our honeymoon with a little hand drawn type I did on a photo I took 5 summers ago in Venice. 🚣
Getting married is pretty fun. 🌞 It rained on our ceremony yesterday but then the sun came out & it was glorious.
Vanity of vanities. 💀
Werk daze 💭
Finally treated myself to this lovely little bat print from #emilywmartin (#theblackapple). 🌚💕
Can’t believe I’ll finally be marrying this guy in 2 weeks. This photo was taken 6 years ago. Time flies when you’re in love. 💕 #shamelesspda
I got tired of staring at the empty bookcase in our bedroom & finally set my curios free from storage. 💀
Wedding planning reminders. Only 18 more days. 😓 Using this new white gel pen feels therapeutic though.