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I don’t like to busy brag, but if it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the planet, here’s why. #seeyanever
Still pretty smitten with this little guy & proud of my first adventures in taxidermy. I want to try working with a rabbit next. 🐁🐇
My first taxidermy pieces! @preciouscreature sent me home with an extra mouse after the class to get more practice. I’m pretty happy with how this little guy turned out! 🐁 I realize not all of my followers are familiar with taxidermy, so I want to mention that none of these animals were harmed for the purpose of these pieces. They were feeder rats & mice already dead for reptile food. Lauren & many other taxidermists perform taxidermy with the utmost respect to nature & strive to honor these animals’ lives by giving them new ones. If nothing else, it’s a huge learning experience & eye opening to how incredible nature is! 🐀
Finally got to meet @preciouscreature! Thanks for an awesome class! Super happy with how my little ratty turned out. 🐁🐀
Taxidermied my very first rat today. 🐀
Drawing peonies for a new client tattoo. 🌸
💀Goodbye world.
Setting up two new curio shelf displays. Never ending collection… 🌚
Relics from my childhood. The strange, contextless things I kept in jewelry box when I was a kid.
Yey! Got my charcoal drawing of a raccoon skull on a pillow. 💀 This & tons more goodies are available in my Society6 store! & right now there’s free shipping + $5 off every item. Get it! society6.com/corinnealexandra
Give me a home where the buffalo roam. 🐃🌾
Sorry nail art haters. But I’m pretty proud I managed to finish painting my nails without messing them up once. 💅💀
A squished white-lined sphinx moth. Thinking of getting some entomology pins to start preserving these kinds of finds. 🐞🍁
Finally finished designing our save-the-dates! We shot our own engagement photos too. & I’m currently developing our website. Either I’m a DIY lunatic, or I have control issues… 🙈