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Foodie Friday - Craft & Commerce

Starting a new feature on my blog called Foodie Friday where once a month, I will showcase some of my favorite places to eat in San Diego and throughout my travels. Craft & Commerce truly is the only reason I ever considered creating a “Foodie Friday” feature on my blog. And I’d be satisfied if it remains the only Foodie Friday feature I ever post. This place quickly became one of my favorite San Diego haunts, and we frequently pop in on any given night for fantastic drinks, friendly service, and delicious bites. C&C’s fried pickles with their house aioli have become my go-to comfort food and there’s no emotional ailment these suckers can’t cure. Oh, and did I mention the place is adorned in taxidermy, bookshelves, and wood paneling (aka. my personal envisagement of heaven)? (Read more on my blog!)

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    Seriously love this place. Living a block away doesn’t hurt, either.
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